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One of the great experiences of writing books is hearing from readers, and I welcome your emails. Since the publication of How to Read Literature Like a Professor, I have heard from many readers—old and young, teachers and students, former English majors and former biology majors, people with master’s degrees and people with no degrees—and I’ve learned from all of them. There have been statements of praise, questions about claims I made, offers of competing interpretations, personal histories, identification of my blunders, and outright denunciations. I read them all and always try to answer the ones that are minimally civil, but I’m human and not very organized, so sometimes I fail. If you don’t hear from me, it’s not personal, just ineptitude.

If you want to send approval, criticism, questions, answers, or corrections for numbskull errors, you can send me an email.

I also give talks to various groups at colleges, schools, libraries, bookstores, and anywhere else that doesn’t throw me out. Sometimes these are lectures, sometimes workshops, and increasingly, distance appearances via the Internet. I have endeavored (and occasionally failed) to connect to with classes on a variety of platforms. If your school uses it, I can probably connect to it. For classroom visits (in person and electronic) and meetings with small groups, email me directly. I’m a pretty cheap date.

For larger-scale events, all arrangements for speaking engagements, workshops, in-service training, and public appearances are handled through the HarperCollins Speakers Bureau:

HarperCollins Speakers Bureau

10 E. 53rd St. New York, NY 10022 USA
212.207.7100 phone
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