What Booksellers Do

Support your local bookseller! It’s a dark time for small businesses, nowhere darker than for indie bookstores. Even so, they strive to provide positive experiences for their customers. I got a message from Bryan Uecker of The Book Nook and Java Shop in Montague, MI (just north of Muskegon on the shores of Lake Michigan). He was having a BYON (Bring Your Own Novel) book club at which the participants would apply some ideas from How to Read Novels Like a Professor to their chosen books. This would be a Zoom-y group in keeping with social distancing. If I would like to drop in as a special surprise for the members, that would be great.
Last night, I did just that, and while I can’t say how special it was for them, it was a lot of fun for me. We had a really good hour together. Bryan wasn’t making a penny from these gatherings, and this at a time when he has to be wondering if he can keep the Nook together. He is a great representative of his profession, one that we have to do what we can to help get beyond the current disaster. We’ll need them for the next one.
Book Nook mural